Friday, January 28, 2011

At work today

on the poppy painting as it is making progress...its been a tedious one but I am loving the dream like quality and the contrast in colors.  It would be a sweet piece for a little girl's room.  Hope to have it done today...

My mind keeps on going to this koi fish painting which I started a few years ago and never quite finished.  It was inspired by a trip to Hana, HI, the hotel we stayed at had these huge koi fish in the pond outside.  Painted on a burlap textured canvas, its a large oil, 50" x 38" x 3" deep.  I think this may be on my list of upcoming projects to complete.

And, here, my little angel likes fish too and wears them quite well...dontchya think?  Here she is hanging out with me while I paint.

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