Thursday, May 24, 2012

dressed up no sew windows

I've been wanting to make window treatments for our sad little kitchen windows for a while now. 

However, not with the window treatment cost.... and of course I wanted them to be unique and tailored. Basically I didn't want the "Bed in a Bag" of window treatments you can find at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

And, I still don't know how to sew... I so want to learn!  I had to be creative and complete this project just with glue, lots of starch and ironing.  And some patience.

Off to Discount Fabrics in Thurmont I went.  This place is a massive warehouse full of designer fabrics and everything else you may need to sew with...all at great prices.

An entire wall is set aside just for extra low discounted fabrics.  Fabric which is left over with just a few yards on the roll...the entire wall is a flat rate of $5 per yard and you are required to purchase what is left on the roll. 

I found this fabric with 2.5 yards I paid $12.  It is a thick, nice weight fabric:

(Leila decided to throw her lovies on it as I was taking pics!)

So, I got my measurements all squared away and clear on paper first since I am such a scatter brain...and then decided to take the plunge:

Iron, starch.  Iron, starch.  Glue, iron, starch, iron.  Repeat...:)

To make my life easier, I glued this treatment on directly to my rod:

And then, I wanted some trim....remember that post I did on the great sewing machine and vintage trims etc. I was given?  The trim came in handy:

I used black as a base:

Here is the first window after shot:

Then the panels for the sink window.  I decided using hot glue was so much easier (and faster).  Is it just me or does that glue smell take you right back to your bow making days in 4th grade?

Again, glue...starch...iron.......etc, etc.

I made little loops at the top from the rick rack ribbon to hang them

Last but not least....I love a kitchen window with a few special pieces to look at when you are getting your Palmolive on :)  I have here:

1) a pic of leila in a sweet frame from one of my best friends

2) a little vase from a local artist from a trip to Barbados

3) a little salt/pepper shaker (only 1 is left) from a set my dad sent my grandmother from England as a boy

4) piece of pottery from my mom to house soap

5) And, I can't stand my Palmolive to remain in it's yucky bottle so I hide mine in a hand soap dispenser...

What do you think?  I hope it looks more welcoming and finished because it took up the better part of yesterday....whew!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

speckled egg

Speckled Egg is a sweet blog I read from time to time.  I just love all of the quirky, vintage small finds she comes across and then sells through her shop...everything from vintage paper to cool embellishments that are one of a kind. 

Her prices are very reasonable, I finally decided to order a few small things to use in my art and am so happy I did:

In the upper left hand corner, those are vintage London bus tickets, then yellow cabochons (there were sooo many of these, I had a hard time choosing), great thin velvet gray ribbon and blue herringbone ribbon....and then, the Madre pin isn't for my art but won't it be so cute on a jean jacket?  I thought so too!

Last but not least, she threw in some twine with her business card....don't you just love a free bonus?!

I received my package within a few days too! 

Really excited to get to work on my current project and use some of these is a sneak peak:

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Inn at Gristmill Square

My parents live out in the country....way out. We drove there on Friday and to get there you pass some of the most gorgeous, picturesque scenes you can imagine.  Makes me want to jump out of the car and set my easel up about 100 times. 

And then, there are parts of the drive that lead you to believe you are officially part of the Griswald family.  We made our first Griswald memory by stopping by where else during our drive:

Circa:'s not the Hollywood sign folks, but it has certainly made a name for itself.  Located right off 81 near Winchester, has been open so long that their gift shop probably still has items left unsold since opening fifty years ago.

I couldn't help but giggle some:

 This place was priceless and something tells me we will make this our own family tradition for now on when we visit my parents....check it out here.

Moving on....Bath County, VA.  If you haven't is a must!  Simply gorgeous.  We spent Friday night at The Inn at Gristmill Square before heading on to my parent's house.

The restaurant

We stayed upstairs in the tower...

Lovely...definitely worth the trip!  Have a great week everyone.........

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

i spy

Among other things....something finished:

Edges are covered in music sheets.....

And, this painting is officially glossed, signed and ready...edges painted a soft blue:

And, I finally decided that I would attempt to part with my big oil that I have held onto years dare I say...if someone wishes to purchase (sniff )....

It measures 4' x 2' and is painted on wood with wire for hanging on back

Areas of this piece are thick with texture. 

All of these, plus two others, will be hung at Bean Hollow today.

Monday, May 14, 2012

mustard & aqua 2 ways

I've been loving the color of mustard lately....and pattern.  I think my current painting may have been subconsciously inspired by these lampshades I recently made.  I found 2 brass lamps for $3 at Goodwill...spray painted them a deep gray, then found fabric and used some ribbon for trim....

So, that mustard color crept up on me again in this piece I started yesterday.  However, it looks quite a bit brighter in this photo....I think because I used a lot of iridescent medium so there is a lot of shine. (and I stink in the photography dept. argh!)

Ahhh, here the mustard is captured better....don't you love it with pink and aqua? so happy...

It's a rainy, rainy day here so this is what I am working on while Leila and I stay couped up in our abode....

Had to share this.  Last night for Mother's Day dinner my hubby made my pick of grilled cheeseburgers, mac & cheese and baked beans (am I an easy kid or what?!)

He told me as he was grilling that he was sprinkling some extra love in my burger since it was a special day:

It wasn't until I was putting on my fried onions that I noticed this.  Seriously sweet.