Friday, January 27, 2012

the winning piece complete!

I finished the painting for Meghan, the winner of the drawing held in December!  She gave me a few clues to inspire me.  She wanted the piece for her bedroom which she just finished re-decorating in a romantic theme with red, purple, smoky topaz and chocolate throughout.  I asked her if she could travel anywhere where would it be: Paris.

Eiffel Tower at night

12" x 12" acrylic, gold & silver ink on canvas with polycrylic finish

congrats on winning the painting, Meghan and thanks for being a good sport about having your picture taken ; )....I hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

martha's february issue

If you are a fan of The Greenbrier (who isn't) or of Dorothy Draper (if you aren't you should be) then you have to check out the spread in the February issue of the Martha Stewart magazine (page 110 to be exact.)

I read it last week as I climbed my way through my elliptical workout and came across it again today in a doctor's office.  I admit it, I snagged yet another magazine.  But, it is being put to good use....there are a lot of other great tips that I am going to take advantage of!  And it reminded me of how much I want to go back to The Greenbrier...sigh....maybe next time for high tea? hmmm....

a few pics I took of Leila today:


Monday, January 23, 2012


You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you hear your baby's first cry as they awake from their nap?  I know you know exactly what I's as though there is an hour glass sitting right there next to you and you have just watched the last drop of sand hit the bottom and you think, time's up! (and then you think, where the heck did those 2-3 hours go?)  You wait a few minutes and think, "maybe she will fall back asleep for a few more minutes."  Then you hear the cry again....and you give in.

My friend told me over the weekend that she has found her nap time hours are now eaten up by endless time spent on pinterest.  I am trying not to go there.  But I do savor naps and the time it gives to work.  Lately it seems I have been experiencing that hour glass feeling way too much though and I feel a bit guilty.  We have spent so much time trying to complete Leila's playroom and I know she will love it when it is all said and done.  So, tomorrow the electrician is coming to install some extra lighting in the basement and we will be one step closer to completion.

On Saturday my friend and I went to the big Chartreuse tag sale.  It was b-a-n-a-n-a-s!  bananas!  And there I found all of the lighting we need for dirt cheap.  And, this chair ($19, thank you!) for our desk nook.  We walked away with numb toes (no heat in the barn) but smiles on our faces:

the dresser I just finished for Leila's toys and to anchor the tv

lighting to be installed tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a dresser made over

Leila having a good ole' time with her buddies!

Was excited to find on the designer Emily A. Clark's blog the exact same dresser made over but just in a different shade and new knobs.  The dresser above came from my husband's grandparent's house and I just loved it and knew it had potential. 

I have the matching tall dresser which I plan on painting a yellow for Leila's playroom.  But for now, here is the finished piece we are now using as a console in our living room:

I actually did buy new, modern knobs for this but they didn't fit the holes so I ended up just painting the existing antique looking ones a gray/ loving it:

Monday, January 09, 2012

degas, you are brilliant

Whenever I get the chance to take the Metro into DC the smells, sounds, colors bring me right back to my high school days.  And I love it.  My family and I moved to Northern VA in the middle of my junior year in high school.  Not knowing a soul at my new high school and feeling like a fish out of water, I spent most weekends with a loaded up back pack trekking through Georgetown, Alexandria and DC.  Or some days meeting my dad for lunch at his office in Rosslyn.  I couldn't get enough of all the art, history and interesting atmospheres right at my fingertips. Pretty fabulous.

So yesterday was special because it was the last day of the the Degas exhibition at the Phillips Collection.  I got to take the day to myself as a birthday present (today marks number 34 for me!) while my husband took care of Leila.  There was a street fair going on when I arrived in Dupont Circle:

It was a gorgeous day.....I had a great lunch at a yummy Italian restaurant before heading to the show:

The show was absolutely amazing.  The line to get in was wrapped around the corner so I ended up becoming a member just so I could skip the line.  It was pretty packed but his compositions, use of color and texture.....I can't say enough.  My heart was pounding I was so excited!  Really looking forward to taking Leila there now that I am a member....its such an easy metro ride in, she's going to love it!

Treated myself to this vessel to hang on the wall and house my rings at Tabletop

When I arrived home last night my husband had planned a surprise brithday dinner with our fun!  More birthday loot :) So thoughtful and unexpected.....

Leila's gift from the Degas show.........

Have a great week everyone!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

artful blogging

I'm loving the latest issue of Artful Blogging my sister gave me for Christmas.  It is full of inspiration and some pretty talented people and blogs I had never heard of in its pages:

Sibylle Roessler's

again, above,

Meanwhile, my husband and I have been knee deep in the project of converting our basement into a play room for Leila.  Will post photos when complete in a few is just a snippet of two parts of the project in process:

I love the power of paint!  Such a fresh new look for this otherwise traditional table:

And...can't WAIT for this project to be done.....TJ has finished studding and drywalling what will be a book nook for Leila to climb up into and read. Inspired by this blog, we had this closet virtually unused....what better way to create a special place for your little one to get lost in a good book....dreamy!!!  Again....will post pics in a few weeks when excited!

Monday, January 02, 2012

new year, new show

Happy New Year blogosphere!  I hope 2012 brings you much love and happiness....

Some of my work is on display through January at The Frederick Coffee Company in Shab Row.  If you are in the area have a peek.