Thursday, January 05, 2012

artful blogging

I'm loving the latest issue of Artful Blogging my sister gave me for Christmas.  It is full of inspiration and some pretty talented people and blogs I had never heard of in its pages:

Sibylle Roessler's

again, above,

Meanwhile, my husband and I have been knee deep in the project of converting our basement into a play room for Leila.  Will post photos when complete in a few is just a snippet of two parts of the project in process:

I love the power of paint!  Such a fresh new look for this otherwise traditional table:

And...can't WAIT for this project to be done.....TJ has finished studding and drywalling what will be a book nook for Leila to climb up into and read. Inspired by this blog, we had this closet virtually unused....what better way to create a special place for your little one to get lost in a good book....dreamy!!!  Again....will post pics in a few weeks when excited!

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