Friday, March 23, 2012


I certainly am no green thumb but I do love to plant me some flowers come spring! 

 We were about to throw away this old, heavy, metal filing cabinet when I decided it could definitely be used as a planter....

I used a layer of white spray paint then a layer of standard behr paint

decided on easy and I just love stripes in general

filled it up with some empty plastic bottles/containers so not to have to waste potting soil

painted a little something on the front:

or you could also use an old light fixture as a planter:

got my pretty flowers from my sister and brother in-law's must GO

and a few pics of the girl with her bestie this morning at Baker Park....feeding the ducks for the first time! So, so fun......

have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

cleaning house

I am legitimately running out of room to store my work.  While I would like to hold onto them as I prepare to show my work more I must make room for new pieces.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces shown in my portfolio  ....please contact me! much!

Monday, March 19, 2012


a lot was given to me over the weekend!  Now I must wash it, get frames to stretch it on, prime it and paint it............just another project to add to my laundry list :) excited to use muslin for the first time.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

new orleans

I randomly sketched out a crown the other day because there was one I saw in an ad that caught my eye.  I love when a small something becomes an entire painting.  That crown became this:

I love New Orleans...I've been twice and hope to one day visit again.  The smells, music, food (omg the food...especially Mother's for breakfast, yum!) and really is a world of its own. 

This piece encompasses some of that feeling of New Awlins....color, a magnolia flower, Louis Armstrong, sheet music, beads, metallic ink, dior....and a clipping of a Louisiana cookie name a few.

measures 15" w x 6.5" h x 2" d  on burlap

Thursday, March 01, 2012

closing doors and another opens

It's always very sad to me to see local small businesses close.  When I was 7 months pregnant I remember reading that the Shops of Yesteryear in downtown Mt. Airy was shutting its doors.  I had had visions of walking downtown and strolling through the many dealers' shops with my little girl. 

Then New Market, the "antique capital of the world," just 5 miles away, has slowly gone downhill in the last few years.  Really, since Mealey's closed.  Leila and I decided to walk around New Market last week and I couldn't believe the number of local shops that are no longer there.  And I remember when Mealey's was bustling and such an amazing restaurant.  (not to mention the previous owner had built the most adorable, quaint little bar in a separate section of the restaurant which was only open a few months before they closed!)

Then today, I got an e-mail announcing that the Den of Antiquity, one of my favorite places to find authentic, well made antiques and collectibles, will be closing as of April 27th.  I had talked to the owner about the slow business just a few months ago so I am not entirely surprised.  I just wish we could support these businesses more.  I think often we forget they are there when shopping.

Leila and I walked downtown today since it was so gorgeous and I was able to speak to the owner again.  Definitely a hard day for her.  I purchased a great vintage chair which she is holding for me and a few other things from her:

sheet music to incorporate into my work

vintage Valentine cutouts also to incorporate into projects

handmade soaps

BUT, the news here is not all negative.  After feeling bummed today about another business closing I was so stinkin' excited to read in the Gazette tonight that Mealey's now has a new owner(s) and will be reopening in April!!!!  Some things are lookin' up!

Also today, Leila took a 3 hour nap!  So, that meant 3 hours of painting...........heaven.  I am beginning to think my need for a studio is beginning to out weigh my want. 


Sneak peek of my current project:

happy Friday, everyone!  shop local if you can :)