Hi, I'm Erin...thank you for stopping by! 

I am a wife, sister, artist and soon to be mommy of 2 (girl, 2, and baby boy on the way this March) and have been juggling motherhood, life and squeezing as much of my passion for creating into every crazy day.  After the birth of our daughter I packed up my desk after 2 weeks and decided life was too short to not be home with her.  And it was a prime time to start getting down to business and really paint and create the way I've always wanted to.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Roanoke College in 2000 and studied in Florence, Italy at the school, Lorenzo de’ Medici and I've completed courses at The Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC.

[ in no particular order: ]

[  inspired by architecture, history, textiles, pattern, texture, nature....every day is an inspiration of some kind which makes for an anxiety induced existence, but lots of fun ]

[  I love the smell of old books ]

[  After college, I worked in marketing / sales/ advertising for communities in the DC area.  In my last job I worked for a small company and had my own little gig designing model apartments, staging apartments for ads and working on the repositioning of rental communities in DC. I loved it ]

[ After 9/11 I left the security of my corporate job and opened a small store in downtown Frederick, MD selling my art, home decor items and custom art. It was a life changing experience...but I was young, naive and....darn broke ]

[  I love old towns with quirky antique stores ]

[  When I paint, I feel alive...my heart pounds and I get excited  ]

[  Snapdragons might be my favorite flower, next to peonies ]

[  If I could do something else, in another life, I might work on Broadway as a set designer.......or maybe I could be a dancer on Broadway.  Or maybe not, flexibility was never my strong suit when I was a gymnast growing up.  SO, a set designer...and I would travel the world.  ]

[  Since having a baby I have little fear. I have never been more inspired in my life. I've had quite a bit of experience professionally and personally while, owning my own business, being out of work, having a child....I have really learned that no amount of money can make you happy if you don't have passion  ]

I love hearing from you and I love custom work!  email me and we can work together to create something 100% unique:


Hey!  What's with the name?

When I had my shop after 9/11 and I was trying to come up with a name for it, my grandmother gave me a list she thought would be "appropriate" for the store. Apropos was among them and became the name.  It stuck.  It's never too late to pursue your passion.......you just have to start.

Thus, an apropos beginning it is.....enjoy!