Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Heading to Charleston, SC...where should we stay, what should we do & where should we eat?

I have our Frommer's guide dog eared and the beach on my brain, but we still need help.

We are headed to Charleston, SC in a few weeks for our first solo family vacation.  I've heard incredible things about Charleston from it's rich history to amazing food. 

And it's gotta be pretty great given that on the Bachelorette Finale "After the Final Rose"...(and after Emily picked "Jef with one F" go, girl!)...she then hinted at a spring wedding in Charleston right before the show ended.  This only reassured our family vacation destination decision.  Thank you, Emily Maynard.

But, we still have some planning to do:

A)  Where should we stay? 

Should we stay in the heart of Charleston or on one of the islands??  I've read some about Sullivan and Kiawah Islands and both sound nice. We would love a place near/on the water with a kitchen to stay in a few nights and cook.  However, I've heard the hotels are nice too. 


Historic Battery Park...yeah, do you think they rent these by the week on our budget?

B)  What to do?

Would love to do a tour of one of the amazing homes, maybe the Edmondston-Alston House and also something fun for the girl...The Children's Museum of the Lowcountry.  And, I've heard about a great open air market that I would love to check out!

C)  Where to eat?

So far I have noted: S.N.O.B. (Slightly North of Broad), Carolina's, Nick's BBQ (for my hubby to get his BBQ this the local BBQ place I keep hearing about?? Can't remember the name)

And, I would LOVE to try Magnolia's but I don't believe this is kid friendly...but man it looks divine!

If anyone could offer any suggestions I would love to hear them!  This girl is planning blind and wants to make this trip a great we can relax and enjoy this:


Thanks for any suggestions you can offer!

Monday, July 23, 2012

BEFORE & AFTER: a dresser re-loved

So, I happened to be at Goodwill over the weekend checking out their furniture section...hoping to find something salvageable in the midst of particle board entertainment centers and crunchy old 1970's side chairs when I stumbled up this sweet little piece:

Then, I quickly started examining it....pulling out drawers etc.  Perfect condition, except dirty and out of date!  With no price tag on it, I asked someone for help (and also for a good price on the just 5 mins ago dropped off dresser) and let's just say I got it for a steal.

The wheels began turning in my head...roughly 10 hours later here is her after shot:

The entire piece has been painted/sanded/painted again/and sanded once more (including drawers although they look similar in color) has the slightest bit of distressing and the most cool, retro laminate white top I could possibly not give this up for.  Metallic gold accents make it more cool would this be as a buffet or how sweet in a nursery?

Have a great week, everyone!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

dontchya love it when...

You're driving along, minding your own business when you spot someone's trash on the side of the road and you have no shame in slamming on your brakes so fast it gives you whip lash and the person behind you almost hits you....but you think fast, put your hazards on and somewhat gracefully get out of your car all while trying not to appear overly excited and you quickly give the person behind you a friendly "thank you" wave and smile as you skip to claim the person's trash as golden property...

because, you know when you get home you will be able to take what you found on the side of the road and actually do something with it?

Yup, me too.

PS...a few weeks back I did this very thing when someone propped an actual crib against the fence next to our library with a note that read "free"....does someone seriously think they would put their child in this used contraption found on the side of the road?  Yeah, no....but, I put this thing in my car and drove away dreaming of what I could do with it!  When I told my friend about it, she knew the exact one I was talking about and said "you took that thing?!"

I am going to make a gardening table....that is about number 10 on my project list so I will post pics somewhere down the line :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

vintage suitcase and our talking toddler!

I'm about to turn this old suitcase into a new home for my will involve paint, cork, nails...and pretty little shiny things!  Pics to follow...wish me luck!

And Leila is talking, talking, talking and learning so much every day.  When my hubby got home last night she squealed "Daddy's home!!!"  Man, I need to get out more often so I can get that kind of reaction.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous. 

And, she also has this thing where she tells everything she loves it...and she says "hi" to everything too...trees, cars, toys, her lovey....makes for great entertainment needless to say:

Monday, July 16, 2012

no power, a train and the amazing...Evan Boggess

Listening to my old school 1998, 2-disc Lilith Fair cd's on this muggy Monday morning...haven't listened to them in years and years!  Don't you just love pulling out old music and hearing songs you once loved and haven't heard for so long?

We have been out in the country/boonies at my parent's house the last week for our annual family reunion.  Before we arrived, my parents and family had been out of power for 9 (yes, I said NINE) days after the unbelievable storms swept through the region a few weeks ago.

Between all of the signs up on the side of the road thanking the power line workers and the stories we heard of no water, no food, no gas etc, it really made you feel for everyone and be thankful for air conditioning.

But, we had fun.....playing in the water...taking a ride on the Cass Railroad, making a trip to Lewisburg...spending time with family....

My dad hard at work making frames in his garage.....

Don't they look nice...

And, I was really inspired after visiting one of my favorite places, The Cooper Gallery in Lewisburg, WV.  They showcase work by several artists but my favorite is Evan Boggess.  His work is usually thick in texture, bright in color and he makes it look so easy.

This visit was refreshing because it looks like he has done some new things, combining charcoal and gouache on paper....using rough charcoal right up against very sharp, graphic patterns.  Love it.

Here is a taste:

photo via: The Cooper Gallery

Photo via: The Cooper Gallery

This piece was awesome.....this photo doesn't show the entire piece, but you see the two stripes to the right?  That is actually a very narrow, separate vertical canvas that makes this piece very cool. (in addition to how well he captures his expression and his use of texture!) He used oil and spray paint on canvas for this.

photos above and below via:  The Cooper Gallery

Have a great week, everyone!

Monday, July 02, 2012

a walk down memory lane! 800 sq feet of history...

I apologize in advance for how terribly archaic these photos are...but I couldn't resist sharing them. 

I found them in an old box yesterday!

I've mentioned in a few posts now about the shop I once had and I found some, I know, terrible pics of the old girl!  Here she is in all her 800 sq feet, haunted glory.  (Yes, I believe she was haunted...)

the little winding stairs to the left was a second floor that was quite eery at times

garden party on the ceiling...I loved that wire moss stuff!

One of my first custom jobs was to create a series of drawings for a family's half bath which had very high ceilings.  I went out and hung them and almost broke my kneck....but they turned out sweet.

They are pencil one is of a compact and blush brush, then gerber daisies, then a large flower (which I can't remember the name of...let me know if you know what it is!), and the bottom two feature a tube of lipstick and and old powder box.  I found some old wood frames then painted and distressed them.

And, one of my first before and after shots of a darling dresser. I remember a nice lady came in, in the pouring rain and bought it for her little girl's room.

Man, was it in bad shape...

Rhode Island Soap Works overflowing...sold a lot of their yummy bath line!

Someone's husband came in a few weeks before mother's day with a photo of their three girls and asked that I create a drawing for his wife.  So sweet!

One of my favorite watercolors I did when in Italy.  I kick myself to this day... I ended up selling it to a lady who loved it and asked repeatedly if I would sell it.  I caved...sigh.

 Painting fresh stripes...this was a job!

Christmas in the shop!

My cute front little window.....

Custom drawing made for someone's Maid of Honor and sister...."Our hearts will stay side by side..."

She provided a photo from their childhood

Watercolor and pencil...horribly fuzzy photo! But, this was a piece sold in the store.  In a wood frame that I painted and distressed...

Last but not least...I finally bought Leila her first "tea set" last week and she loves it!  After putting her to bed the other night I started picking up her toys and found this:

I guess she wanted to make sure her guests were not without stirrers, obviously!