Sunday, December 04, 2011

here's to you....

After 9/11 I was a fearless soul.  Deciding we can never know what tomorrow will bring, I set out to find more meaning in this crazy thing called life.  I left the stability and comfort of my job to open a store in Shab Row of downtown Frederick.  I called it, what else, apropos.  And there I sold my paintings, home decor items and also drove out to customer's homes and created one of a kind drawings and paintings for them.

While I only managed to stay open for two years, I learned very quickly the value of the dollar and more importantly, the meaning of life long friends.  To this day, I believe I was meant to open my store where I did to meet one of the most incredible people I know.

Shab Row is a lovely little area and it was thriving when I opened.  Just three row houses down from my little store stood another store, Evangeline.  The first time I went in I was overwhelmed with the smell of lavender, the vibrant colors and a woman with wildly curly, blonde hair running around speaking French like it was her job.  I was intimidated.  Apparently she was leaving for France the next day and was heading a tour. 

That was the beginning of a wonderfully fabulous friendship that has since blossomed into one of the most important relationships in my life.  Although we have a twenty year age gap, no matter how many years between us we relate on so many levels.  With a mutual love for art and creativity....we have spent countless hours in her store and back garden swapping ideas, plans...dreams.  Her store carries so much meaning for me....she hosted a sold out art show for me in 2006, the garden in the back was the spot for my bridal shower and it is a place I can go to breathe in lavender and always count on good conversation.

And so, it is bittersweet that after 13 years, Carol recently closed the doors of Evangeline and is setting out on a journey of her own.  She is moving to France.

We had a girl's night to celebrate all the wonderful things happening in our lives and simply had to share some photos.

Carol lives in a charming historic apartment in downtown

Her fabulous vintage sink

one of my paintings in her kitchen

Carol's vintage original Elf on the Shelf

the lights of frederick

the canal

brought over my old college portfolio and talked about ideas


So, here's to you my sweet friend.  You are a source of inspiration!  May your travels bring you everything you have ever dreamed of.  Godspeed.

{ If you are interested in tours to France through Carol Etheridge, you must go here }

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  1. What a wonderful friendship! I have had a few of those "guideposts" in my life as well. Thank you for sharing Carol's special impact on you.


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