Monday, July 02, 2012

a walk down memory lane! 800 sq feet of history...

I apologize in advance for how terribly archaic these photos are...but I couldn't resist sharing them. 

I found them in an old box yesterday!

I've mentioned in a few posts now about the shop I once had and I found some, I know, terrible pics of the old girl!  Here she is in all her 800 sq feet, haunted glory.  (Yes, I believe she was haunted...)

the little winding stairs to the left was a second floor that was quite eery at times

garden party on the ceiling...I loved that wire moss stuff!

One of my first custom jobs was to create a series of drawings for a family's half bath which had very high ceilings.  I went out and hung them and almost broke my kneck....but they turned out sweet.

They are pencil one is of a compact and blush brush, then gerber daisies, then a large flower (which I can't remember the name of...let me know if you know what it is!), and the bottom two feature a tube of lipstick and and old powder box.  I found some old wood frames then painted and distressed them.

And, one of my first before and after shots of a darling dresser. I remember a nice lady came in, in the pouring rain and bought it for her little girl's room.

Man, was it in bad shape...

Rhode Island Soap Works overflowing...sold a lot of their yummy bath line!

Someone's husband came in a few weeks before mother's day with a photo of their three girls and asked that I create a drawing for his wife.  So sweet!

One of my favorite watercolors I did when in Italy.  I kick myself to this day... I ended up selling it to a lady who loved it and asked repeatedly if I would sell it.  I caved...sigh.

 Painting fresh stripes...this was a job!

Christmas in the shop!

My cute front little window.....

Custom drawing made for someone's Maid of Honor and sister...."Our hearts will stay side by side..."

She provided a photo from their childhood

Watercolor and pencil...horribly fuzzy photo! But, this was a piece sold in the store.  In a wood frame that I painted and distressed...

Last but not least...I finally bought Leila her first "tea set" last week and she loves it!  After putting her to bed the other night I started picking up her toys and found this:

I guess she wanted to make sure her guests were not without stirrers, obviously! 


  1. What a cute little shop!! Kudos to you for opening your own boutique! That is something I would love to do one day!! Happy 4th!

    1. Thanks, Allison :) Happy 4th to you too!!

  2. Erin, this is amazing! Will you please come and decorate my entire life?!? :) This glimpse into your shop is just fantastic. I wish I could have seen it in person. You are incredibly talented. We are looking crazy forward to seeing you & meeting precious Leila tomorrow.
    Love and hugs,

    1. Ahh, thanks Ginny :)I really appreciate that! Hope you are having a wonderful time in DC...Can't WAIT to see you! Was just packing some things up for our "picnic" when I got your sweet message...see you real soon :)


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