Monday, July 16, 2012

no power, a train and the amazing...Evan Boggess

Listening to my old school 1998, 2-disc Lilith Fair cd's on this muggy Monday morning...haven't listened to them in years and years!  Don't you just love pulling out old music and hearing songs you once loved and haven't heard for so long?

We have been out in the country/boonies at my parent's house the last week for our annual family reunion.  Before we arrived, my parents and family had been out of power for 9 (yes, I said NINE) days after the unbelievable storms swept through the region a few weeks ago.

Between all of the signs up on the side of the road thanking the power line workers and the stories we heard of no water, no food, no gas etc, it really made you feel for everyone and be thankful for air conditioning.

But, we had fun.....playing in the water...taking a ride on the Cass Railroad, making a trip to Lewisburg...spending time with family....

My dad hard at work making frames in his garage.....

Don't they look nice...

And, I was really inspired after visiting one of my favorite places, The Cooper Gallery in Lewisburg, WV.  They showcase work by several artists but my favorite is Evan Boggess.  His work is usually thick in texture, bright in color and he makes it look so easy.

This visit was refreshing because it looks like he has done some new things, combining charcoal and gouache on paper....using rough charcoal right up against very sharp, graphic patterns.  Love it.

Here is a taste:

photo via: The Cooper Gallery

Photo via: The Cooper Gallery

This piece was awesome.....this photo doesn't show the entire piece, but you see the two stripes to the right?  That is actually a very narrow, separate vertical canvas that makes this piece very cool. (in addition to how well he captures his expression and his use of texture!) He used oil and spray paint on canvas for this.

photos above and below via:  The Cooper Gallery

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Yes, I so miss all those old CDs...I've been listening to the cranberries, tori amos, no doubt on pandora at the studio, bringing back all sorts of 90s nostalgia:)

    Your parent's still have the pugs?

    1. me some tori amos and no doubt :) I should make you mix of some of the stuff I've been listening to!

      That's Alex...he's the newest addition! Ginger and Sandy passed away about 6-7 years ago :(



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