Tuesday, May 22, 2012

speckled egg

Speckled Egg is a sweet blog I read from time to time.  I just love all of the quirky, vintage small finds she comes across and then sells through her shop...everything from vintage paper to cool embellishments that are one of a kind. 

Her prices are very reasonable, I finally decided to order a few small things to use in my art and am so happy I did:

In the upper left hand corner, those are vintage London bus tickets, then yellow cabochons (there were sooo many of these, I had a hard time choosing), great thin velvet gray ribbon and blue herringbone ribbon....and then, ok...so the Madre pin isn't for my art but won't it be so cute on a jean jacket?  I thought so too!

Last but not least, she threw in some twine with her business card....don't you just love a free bonus?!

I received my package within a few days too! 

Really excited to get to work on my current project and use some of these embellishments....here is a sneak peak:

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  1. Hi Erin! So happy that you liked everything! :)


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