Monday, May 21, 2012

The Inn at Gristmill Square

My parents live out in the country....way out. We drove there on Friday and to get there you pass some of the most gorgeous, picturesque scenes you can imagine.  Makes me want to jump out of the car and set my easel up about 100 times. 

And then, there are parts of the drive that lead you to believe you are officially part of the Griswald family.  We made our first Griswald memory by stopping by where else during our drive:

Circa:'s not the Hollywood sign folks, but it has certainly made a name for itself.  Located right off 81 near Winchester, has been open so long that their gift shop probably still has items left unsold since opening fifty years ago.

I couldn't help but giggle some:

 This place was priceless and something tells me we will make this our own family tradition for now on when we visit my parents....check it out here.

Moving on....Bath County, VA.  If you haven't is a must!  Simply gorgeous.  We spent Friday night at The Inn at Gristmill Square before heading on to my parent's house.

The restaurant

We stayed upstairs in the tower...

Lovely...definitely worth the trip!  Have a great week everyone.........


  1. Great photos! I didn't see much of you all, but I hope you enjoyed your stay.

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  3. We had a great time, thank you so much! Unfortunately dinner with our 19 month old did not go as smoothly as I had hoped :/....we rushed out and you were on the phone when I passed you to say by. Had a wonderful time...especially loved our coffee, scones and the yummy yogurt & granola, thank you for a lovely, lovely stay!

  4. I need to tell my sister to take her kids to dinoland! They'd love it!


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