Monday, May 14, 2012

mustard & aqua 2 ways

I've been loving the color of mustard lately....and pattern.  I think my current painting may have been subconsciously inspired by these lampshades I recently made.  I found 2 brass lamps for $3 at Goodwill...spray painted them a deep gray, then found fabric and used some ribbon for trim....

So, that mustard color crept up on me again in this piece I started yesterday.  However, it looks quite a bit brighter in this photo....I think because I used a lot of iridescent medium so there is a lot of shine. (and I stink in the photography dept. argh!)

Ahhh, here the mustard is captured better....don't you love it with pink and aqua? so happy...

It's a rainy, rainy day here so this is what I am working on while Leila and I stay couped up in our abode....

Had to share this.  Last night for Mother's Day dinner my hubby made my pick of grilled cheeseburgers, mac & cheese and baked beans (am I an easy kid or what?!)

He told me as he was grilling that he was sprinkling some extra love in my burger since it was a special day:

It wasn't until I was putting on my fried onions that I noticed this.  Seriously sweet.

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