Monday, March 07, 2011

2 Men and a Baby

I was gitty with excitement for 2:00 on Sunday afternoon to come around.  I had plans with my new friend, Lisa, to meet for a glass of wine, appetizer and some much needed adult conversation at Laurienzo's.  That morning meant running a few errands before we met off I went, leaving Leila at home with the hubs.

When I returned from running errands I found my husband about to jump out of his skin, "Marc is on is way over!"  (Marc is his childhood best friend who has been on a submarine the majority of the last 3 years).  I'm thinking, what happened to Father/Daughter time while I am having Mother/Friend time?  But I kept my mouth shut, I could see the 12 year old in my husband shining inside.  And that made me happy.

20 minutes later Marc arrived.  With a 6 pack of beer.  A cigar.  And a frozen pizza.  Oh my Lord, what is going on?, I thought.  But I stayed quiet and looked at my sweet, innocent baby girl's face as she stared at Uncle Marc.  "It will be ok sweetheart, Mama will only be gone for a short time." 

Marc adores her!  It is the sweetest thing to see your husband's buddies love on your baby.  When I got home, it appeared I had been replaced.  (And if this is the result of two best friends getting together over a few beers, pizza and a baby while Mama gets her girl time...I'm ok with it):

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