Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Stack of Good Stuff & A Girl Who Can Sit

I must have a label on my forehead that says "New Mother Seeking Fellow New Mothers".  Leila and I  walked downtown yesterday and I decided to stop and have some lunch.  I sat down next to two girls, one held onto an adorable baby boy.  We politely told each other how precious the other's baby was and engaged in small talk about being a new mom.  The more we talk, I'm realizing these girls must be about 10 years younger than me....hmmm.  I was right...and then some.  What the heck, I don't care...a mom's a mom, right?  They giggled when I told them I was 33...

I was two bites into my Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo and 10 minutes into laughing with my new friends over how pathetic Teen Mom 2 is, babies sleeping through the night and the dreaded pumping, when the next thing I know I hear a thump, then a clatter and then silence.  Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo was on the floor and me.  When I looked down I had little eyes staring up at me and a big smile.  Apparently the bambino has some strong hands.

The fellow mom and I exchanged numbers, I paid the bill.  And quietly left.

So, I woke up this morning thinking about that darn Fettuccine Alfredo, you would have thought I was pregnant I was craving it so much.  I was determined to get through a lunch on my own, successfully with my 5 month old.  So, off we went on our walk through town and this time we sat quietly in the corner and Mama ate while Leila played.  It was a peaceful lunch.

Next, I treated myself to a fun $5 ring on our way to the library.  I love little finds. 

Leila zonked out on the way there and was a dream while I picked out Cd's, Books and a few movies.  How I love the library and the smell of books!  She woke up right before we were about to leave...and baby girl needed a diaper change. 

With no changing table (surprise, surprise), I found a quiet corner in the children's section and began the process:  Get on knees, lay out mat, lay baby down, get supplies readily available, unbutton new baby jeans and onesie, watch baby pee ALL over her clothes, get baby 100% naked, wipe baby and mat clean, watch baby pee AGAIN all over everything, give baby impromptu, full body wipe down while quietly whispering to self, Oh S*** over and over again.  Soak up pee that spilled on floor, take a breath, grab diaper (forget about applying Desitin), strap that diaper down and whip the closest emergency sleeper I have on reserve on that baby's you know what. 


Before she begins to cry I grab the closest book, Amelia Badelia, and sat down to nurse a very hungry little girl. 

As we leave I hear a splat.  Look down, spit up all over the tile.  "Where is the burp cloth????"  

And I'm proud to announce, our daughter can officially sit: 

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  1. Yes that food was good! Can't wait to see her sitting and playing with her toys! Love you both!


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