Tuesday, November 08, 2011

vanessa, really!?

So about 10 years ago I was a huge Vanessa Carlton fan....playing her Be Not Nobody cd over and over again during my long commute.  Pretty Baby was one of my favorites...(I'm just seeing the video for the first time...yikes!...not quite what I would have imagined for this lovely little song. Quite a younger, made up version of Vanessa.)

A few days ago my husband and I were watching Talk Stoop...and who else was on but Vanessa Carlton....yay!  I listened to her talk about her latest, Rabbits on the Run, cd and loved hearing about her life and what she has been up to.  Haven't listened to her in years now.

Yesterday my husband brought the mail in and brought her cd to me...asking if I knew of her.  I reminded him that she is the artist we saw on TV the other day.  Had I ordered her cd and forgot?!?

Nope...check it out:

I love my husband's company to begin with but this is just straight up fabulous.  This year's company holiday party just got a little more enticing...talk about Vanessa Carlton being a non-conformist!  Can't wait:

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