Thursday, February 02, 2012

a book nook complete

So we've been hard at work plugging away at our basement/playroom/guest room.  One major part is finally complete (thank goodness)!  What was once a boring closet under our stairs which we used to store paint and other household odds and ends.....

has become a charming, cozy getaway for our little girl who loves to read.  She will spend loads of time in here....I can hear her saying "whoaa" as she flips through her books looking at all the pictures.

We pretty much already had everything in here....the only things purchased was the wood for my husband to build it and of course he had to also buy a super duper special saw to make it all happen :) he did a pretty darn good job, don'tchya think? Also the cost of the lighting and the electrician to install everything in our basement. 

I found some quotes that I liked and distressed some scrap wood and painted them on the wood.

a black and white photo of my dad and grandmother hangs above the book shelf.  I lined the photo with chocolate velvet ribbon to give it a rich look and painted an old frame white.

Got this book shelf years ago at Goodwill for $ must have also been a little girl's once because it was light pink when I got it......

really looking forward to both of us having reading time together in her new book fun!

For more inspiration on how to make use of small spaces go here....


  1. WOW can you build here at mu casa?! Amazing work Erin!!!!

  2. You are so sweet, thank you :) I would LOVE to if we lived closer...helping a friend out with hers actually in a few weeks and will post pic when done!

  3. Such a fun little space! I'm sure she loves it. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Laura Gutierrez Campbell2.2.12

    I want this space! Great job!


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