Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hats with a Past: Bonnie's Knitting

Retro Driving Cap in Mustard and Gray Plaid Vintage Wool - Made to Order in Your Size                  for the gent

Stumbled upon this sweet Etsy shop featuring great, no fabulous!, vintage style handmade hats.  Must start saving my pennies now if I want my favorite pick for each season...

(or maybe I will just settle with one, sigh...which shall it be?)

Cloche Hat in Ice  Blue Linen with Dark Red Buckle - Made to Order


1920s Olive and Gray Wool Cloche with Bakelite Buckle


Retro Sun Hat in Burnt Orange Pinwheel Canvas


1920s Dark Chocolate and Cream Linen Cloche - Made to Order


This is what she has to say on her shop:

"I collect vintage wool fabric and buckles and use them to create the hats you see. The fabulous quality of vintage fabrics really inspires me. I hope you are as impressed with that quality as I am.

For spring and summer hats I use high quality linens and cottons - many I import from Japan.

I've been a Costume Properties Artisan and made accessories for the stage for over ten years. I've worked with a variety of designers from around the world and have created everything from foul-mouthed puppets to leather gorgets to spats, crowns and sword belts. I enjoy it all but I absolutely LOVE making hats and hope you enjoy them too!

Check out my Facebook Fan page for the occasional discount code and a link to a Flickr pool of my available wools!"

What do you think....aren't they lovely?


  1. Anonymous28.6.12

    Wonderful post! I own several of Bonnie's masterpieces. She's truly a treasure for hat addicts. Her artistry and fabrics are beyond compare. Moreover, she's lovely to deal with :)

    ~ Kymberlee

  2. Thanks, Kymberlee! Can't wait to get my hands on one of these treasures :)


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