Friday, August 17, 2012

keeping mum, say what?!!

Lord knows I can have a big mouth sometimes and I definitely know that I can be overly sensitive...two things that are a work in progress on improvement.  It seems like in the last week or so though I have wanted to say to people..."really, don't you think it would have been easier (and nicer) to just keep your thoughts to yourself?"  Case in point:

My husband and I were in line at the local Jimmie Cone enjoying a perfect Sunday afternoon last weekend waiting for our order.  The woman behind us asked me how old Leila was...then we got to chatting.  When she asked us what our daughter's name was, I said "Leilani...we call her Leila for short."  Her response:  "You kids and these weird a** names you pick these days!"  I kid you not, this is what she said.  Shocked and trying not to laugh at her clear as day insult...I tried to keep a smile on my face however, I probably looked something like this:

TJ and I gave her a quick explanation of her name: "Well, it's actually Erin's middle name and it is Hawaiian..." 

If I had had more time I would have explained the significance of her name...that it is actually my middle name which my dad chose for me and Leilani is a Hawaiian flower and means "heavenly".  That Hawaii is a special place for my dad was born and raised there and my grandmother, Aunt, Uncle and cousins still live there.  I would have told her that when my husband and I were dating he loved the name so much he would call me Leilani. 

But, I kept mum.

So, no...not so much a "weird a**" name which we just pulled out of the air to be "different."

What is up with people not thinking before speaking?  I can only imagine how horribly my mama bear is gonna come out when some kid picks on Leila at school (for her name or not)....


  1. Anita17.8.12

    Well, I lover her name, herself and her family, so pffft!

  2. That is the CRAZIEST thing! Insane! Don't you ever wish that people who are so ballsy to say the wrong thing would use their big mouth to stand up for something *GOOD* for a change? I am getting hot under the collar just *thinking* about this insulting person. You girls have gorgeous names!



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