Friday, January 11, 2013

A girl's journal

When I was pregnant with Leila I started a journal...a small book to write in from time to time if the urge strikes.  I write in it every few months...and one day, maybe when she goes off to college or on her wedding day...or maybe just one day when she is older and I think she has reached a point where she can appreciate it, I will give it to her.  I wish I had been given a book like this...a sort of guide and understanding from my mother's perspective as I grew up.

I do hope this little book will give Leila some insight into a mother's love for their girl and she will feel and know how incredibly precious she is and to value herself every day.

I'm curious to know if there are other moms out there who do something meaningful like this for their daughters and what it is?

I had the urge to write to our daughter today...and she had the urge to draw. Her book will have character :)

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  1. SUCH a beautiful treasure, Erin. Wow. I love this. I squinted and read the words you wrote to Leila and now I'm sitting here crying. A mama's love is such a gorgeous thing. Thank you for sharing this.


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