Friday, February 11, 2011

We are HOME

Leila and I took a road trip to visit her Auntie Julie and cousins this week...she is clearly down for the count now that we are home!  Such a fun trip..we played Star Wars, sang songs, went to the library, ordered Sushi in one night, made Valentines and laughed a lot :)  Leila did a great job in the car too, a 4.5 hour drive...we were quite the brave duo.  Glad to be home though...we both missed Daddy and the dogs.  And I missed painting for a few days. 

BUT, I came home to these fabulous new frames my dad made for me (thanks, Dad!).  Sooo excited to buy material for them and get started on some new projects!

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  1. Anonymous11.2.11

    Love the pictures from above! Leila is her usual angel-self and the frames look so neat from that point of view. Did you plan to take both from that angle?


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