Friday, November 18, 2011

7 months prego in nyc

Yep.  That would be me 7 months pregnant (technically 8 if you are being polite when thinking in your head how large I appear).  Yikes, it seems like ages ago.  My husband and I decided to celebrate his 30th birthday and have our last HOORAH before Leila arrived in NYC. 

So while we saw the sights and walked every Upper, Lower, East, West side you can think of...our (or should I say my) feet and back were shot by 5:00.

But, that didn't stop us.  While I managed to get us lost in Harlem we also did the following:

Snatch up a fabulous GG Boss leather bag at a street fair for half the price:

 Pick up a present for the bambino:

Hit the sack early at our amazing it when there is a missing 13:

See a Broadway show:

Eat some amazing food:

Have breakfast in Central Park:

Celebrated his 30th with a Guinness and Irish Whiskey (him not me) at a hole in the wall Irish pub where the bartender had a massive thick Irish brogue.

And in the middle of it all and ever since that trip I have had these street vendor flowers:

And those umbrellas in my head for paintings:

Especially these umbrellas....I am in LOVE with the idea of doing a massive painting with funky colors of an aerial view of these in Rockefeller Center.  I happen to have a 4' x 4' frame that just needs fabric and I can start.  We'll see where this takes me.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!!

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