Sunday, November 27, 2011

frugal and fabulous

We live in a small abode but it is cozy and it is home.  We've decided to sit tight, ride the housing market crisis out and wait to move.  Until then, it has been "operation make use of every square inch of space we have" in the Sullivan household.  Which means I have sold unused pieces of furniture on Craigslist, donated odds and ends, rearranged and spiced things up some to change the mood of the spaces.

My sister in law gave us this piece of furniture below.  It came with a door on it but we removed it and used the wood for something its shape was perfect for. (more below)

We added shelves to the piece and painted it...good as new and tons of storage!

in process

I rearranged our bedroom and absolutely love it now.  Used the door from the cabinet as a base for a head board...covered it in batting and this fabric.  Found it at JoAnn's...40% off, a total steal.

But, it really needed to be secured more and screwed directly into the wall.  It also needed a bit of something else to make it less "vanilla" and plain jane and more custom.  I wasn't sure what to use to cover up the screws....until I found these vintage earrings at Den of Antiquity in downtown Mt. Airy:

a bit hard to see from the photo but they add just the right amount of sparkle...just took the backs off and hot glued them directly on the screws. 

Using the green earrings for another project I have going on...will post pic when done.

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