Thursday, December 01, 2011


Had a wonderful birthday dinner for my dad last night.  I pulled out my Grandmother's Aunt's coverlit from my linen storage and used it to set the table. 
Lovely and so nice to use for a very special birthday dinner celebration. 

 I have a HUGE amount of gorgeous linens...BUT have now decided to start using special pieces no matter how small the is too short to wait.

And ofcouse it was nice to see my parents adore our baby girl...

BUT,  my post today really is about felt and a wonderful, HANDMADE, garland you can give to anyone (and make yourself !!!)  I know I have had a lot of posts lately on "crafty" things which really is not my is the Christmas season and I can say one thing:

 the handmade gift really is the most special 

I was in the doctor's office the other day and stole this Better Homes and Gardens mag that was published a year ago.  I was too honest to "steal" it so they said I could have it :) 
 And so I took their idea for felt (see below):


I cut the large pieces about 2" apart (with heavy felt) and the smaller pieces about 1.5" apart:

use heavy felt

threading them through....

Layer the colors and pinch the bottoms together...(put the smaller layer on top and larger on bottom)...

thread 6 pairs together

form a "flower"

spice yours up as you choose:

I customized mine by adding an "S" in the middle and having a "bullet" on either end

thread it through

and hang

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