Sunday, February 26, 2012


One of the things I love about my husband is his mad dancing skills.  The man has got rhythm that you wouldn't believe, or suspect, based on his love of history, traditionalism, accounting and his quirky sense of humor.  Writing about it actually really makes me miss it.  The night of our wedding we ended up at a local bar and on the dance floor with some of our family. Me and my new hubby managed to make K-7's 1993 hit "Come baby come" look relatively classy in a suit and full wedding gown.  And in our dating days, more than once before baby, we would end up dancing in our living room with the music I'm sure way too loud...sigh, those days have since retired but I'm sure one day his moves will make an appearance again.

Cut to the chase, I've been working on these completely carefree pieces.  While I worked they reminded me of the fun of dancing.  Not sure why, maybe it is the way the lines move or the glitter shines.  But they are happy...and they make me want to dance.  I think my painting may be moving in a new direction:


's a roller coaster.  Enjoy the ride

the middle one in progress

Oddly enough, my husband broke out Pandora this morning and started dancing with Leila in the kitchen.  Priceless.  Leila started twirling around and giggling like I have never heard her giggle before.

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