Wednesday, February 22, 2012

martha, martha, martha

Besides a few minor flaws, like how she pronounces water "wah-ter" and the fact that the mere thought of eating with her reminds me of inviting the Queen to tea or that apparently she was the torturous mother who kept the lights off and curtains drawn on Halloween to shun gitty children, well....I simply love her style.

And, with a gift card to Michaels from my mother-in-law, a great President's day sale and simply asking the clerk in the checkout line if he had any coupons he could give me, I got all of this for $0:

turn it around:

Now, Martha's never ending line of paints and supplies can make anyone a little excited about the most daunting of projects. You really can't beat the colors and styles she offers and the quality of her stuff is wayyyy better than most. But, they come with a price tag. That's why I was so stinkin' excited when I got this pack of 10 paints, which normally costs $19.99, for just $10.....I am not too proud to ask for a coupon and for the entire line behind me to hear. I got 50% off my highest priced item!

And these to add some embellishment to my work:

Meanwhile, I am working on the "swimsuit" painting (which I found fitting to call it) and I happened to go through and organize all of my recipes on Sunday and found some quirky cards I couldn't resist.  Is it just me or do you love going through your mother's, grandmother's (and so on) recipes and getting a giggle out of the advertising.  Case in point:

An early 80's ad for Weetabix.  If you are interested in purchasing this today you will have to go to England.

I found a use for some of these odds and ends though.  Here is a snippet of work in progress:

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