Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the break-up

The Break-Up DVD cover

I need a moment.  Thank you for letting me vent for a few sentences.  I can't seem to catch up....the artist in me seems to be a complete wreck lately and the little one and I are still getting over the mother of all colds.  I went to bed early last Saturday evening and literally did not get out of bed until 5:30 Sunday only because I needed to take medicine and make sure I was still alive. 

So Monday was spent with Leila sick and watching Finding Nemo 8 times and eating Klondike bars and Tuesday was spent with me moving in slow motion doing loads of laundry and I don't know what else and today so far has been spent going to the grocery store and meeting a lady who bought something from me on Craigslist and now I am blogging because I have time to...ur...scratch that. want to. 

I am tired and our house is a mess and I have about 100 million projects on the back burner at the moment....and I feel like I am complaining...but really I am just stating the truth of this last week.  So thank you for reading and listening to me.

In the midst of a blah week my husband wrapped up busy season last night (thank the good lord!) and we celebrated by doing what we do almost every night when we don't have busy season.  We watched a movie from our movie library which consists of about 200.  And, believe it or not, it was his turn to pick and he picked one of my faves...the break-up.  Not just because I love Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston together but also because I covet their Chicago condo and the art that adorns both Marilyn Dean's gallery and their pad.

One day, like Jen, I might have the bravery to have a cool wall in my entry way with some of my chalk nudes from school pinned up....or maybe the bravery to spend some real cash on another artist's work.  Either way, I could pause this movie a million times and never get bored.  Here's a peak:

{ all photos courtesy Hooked on Houses }

entry hall

entry door

living room-cleaned up

living room set - The Break Up

fireplace - The Break Up

Jen Aniston-bedroom 2

dining room

dining room into kitchen

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