Monday, April 30, 2012


I am an artist, which means I am a dreamer.  Not a dreamer, as in what I dream of when I am asleep...which was very bizarre last night, I dreamt I was a contestant on The Bachelor and the bachelor was Steve Tyler. So weird, but made for an entertaining dream! 

Anyhow, I mean a dreamer by nature....I daydream.  All the time.  An old boss once told me that it seemed like when she was talking to me my mind was somewhere else.  Exactly!  I probably had far more lovely, dreamy things floating through by head besides Excel spreadsheets and closing ratios. 

Or maybe I was dreaming about a dreary day having tea, cookies...and today, hmmm:

So, ever since I can remember I have loved to walk and dream about what happens in people's homes, behind closed doors.  What is their family like, what does their story tell?  That is why I think I am so drawn to painting homes and doors in particular. 

Starting one last piece to have completed and include in my work which will be hung at Bean Hollow beginning next Monday.  And, once has begun with a daydream, and an old hinge which I am trying to figure out how I will incorporate:

This is a retired, thick, corduroy pillowcase which I have stretched, primed and used as a backdrop

PS....remember that beat up pink frame I got at Chartreuse for $1?  I got a piece of glass cut for it and a scrap piece of fabric for basically free and put a coat of paint on it...

and used some old sewing ribbon to glue around a photo of Leila:

And a few paper flowers to glue on the corners....Voila....$7 bucks baby!

She got into Mama's boots over the weekend...had to share:

Have a great week!!


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