Thursday, May 03, 2012

f***in wagnalls

So, my dad can be a funny guy with a quirky sense of humor.  Whenever my sister asked him the meaning of a word growing up, he would say to her:

"Look it up in your              Wagnalls!" 

Now, my sister would walk away horrified, not understanding why he would ever say such a thing.  This went on for years and we were a Webster household, so there was no other explanation, except there was another dictionary out there called Wagnalls and he must just get really upset when we don't know the meaning of something. 

It wasn't until she was about 30 when she was in the post office and in the back, on a desk she saw a copy of:

She had to then call him and have him explain to her that for all those years he was not cursing at her, that there really is a dictionary out there called Funk & Wagnalls.  True story.

It makes me laugh whenever I stumble upon a Funk & Wagnalls and I happened to find one at Chartreuse a while back for $3 and decided it would make for good paper to use in my work...

Just finished this:

there's that door hinge I mentioned in the last post...

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