Friday, June 22, 2012

love one another

A few months ago, my sister's friend lost someone very close to them, very suddenly. "Love one another" is one of the first things she said after her loss. This struck a chord with me and in the months that have followed I keep seeing "love one another" on signs, cards, whatever it might be. Such a simple statement and so easy to do but often we forget as we rush through our days.

I felt the urge to create a painting that celebrates life based on this statement and wanted to incorporate water, land and air. The #2 represents "it takes two" and the houses are numbered going up until they end with the lone #7 house on the hill behind the fence.

I used acrylic, gauche, plaster and there are also 3 yellow cabochons as flowers next to the #7 house

This painting is available on Etsy.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!!

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