Friday, September 14, 2012

Amazing vintage treasures and our baby's very first gift

My grandmother, "Mackie" as we call her, is probably one of the most hip, yet incredibly traditional grandmothers I have ever known.  She is one of those people you have to either know extremely well or be related to, to understand.  And even then, she still keeps you guessing.  I feel very fortunate to have her in my life, and now in her late 80's she still has incredible taste and views on issues that she does not hold back on.  She's one in a million.
( here we are in Hawaii many years in my very favorite "Hawaii" shirt...)
She sends my sister and me packages often that are filled with all kinds of unexpected things.  I happened to come home the other day to one sitting on my door step and I was jumping up and down with excitement as I unwrapped these little treasures.
demitasse sterling silver spoons
A vintage pillbox which was her mothers (Nana's)...and was given to Mackie in 1967...can only imagine how old it is.
A sterling silver bell, which according to Mackie, is to be used when I have a formal dinner and need to call on a servant (um, really???)  I think I will opt to use this when I am close to my due date and unable to get out of bed or bend over to tie my shoes.

And, the cherry on top of these amazing vintage pieces came this morning when I had my friend Beth over for coffee.  She mentioned she had some old, vintage postcards in her basement that she had been holding onto and she thought I might like:

Here is one of them...this poor kid is about to get whacked with a shoe!
But, the real gem is this incredibly darling 1940's baby book which she surprised me with (and has NEVER been used) for our little nugget.....I about died and went to heaven when she gave it to me....
Beth, thank you SO, SO much!



How sweet are these illustrations? 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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