Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a baby bump revealed & Charleston Ch 1: The Mansions on King

We may have missed Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Bette (sigh....) but there certainly is no shortage of drama in historic Charleston, SC.  I have the pictures to prove it below.
In the blog I posted right before we left I mentioned needing some R & R during our trip down south.  The weeks leading up to Charleston have been filled with anxiety, morning sickness, exhaustion, Thai food & soda fountain cravings (weird!), a husband running out to the store at the drop of a hat, an expanding waist line....and our little girl figuring out she is going to be a big sister come the end of March...our little nugget is due to arrive on or around the 23rd :)
And, as excited as I am to be breaking out my Fall decor and Halloween figurines at the moment...I was even more excited to remember I can officially start using my bump mug (heck yeah!)  It's the little things during a pregnancy that help you get through the symptoms and worry any mom has during those nine months. 
We are thrilled!
While we had little R & R during our trip (more on that in the next chapter) there was PLENTY of inspiration.  I came home with my mind exhausted from all the ideas I have for paintings.  Charleston is an amazing with art, history, southern food at its finest....and classic, quintessential southern architecture...

In a town where bicyclists and stone streets are standard, the mansions on and around King Street are grand and even more common.  We spent one morning walking several miles through King Street, Battery Park and then back up to our hotel along the water then through downtown. 

Charleston is considered a "sleepy town" so it was incredibly peaceful and quiet that morning. 

So lovely...


These mansions overlook the water.......


sweet cottages (at several million a pop!) are sprinkled throughout downtown


So many houses have these gorgeous window boxes....

More to come....

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