Friday, August 31, 2012

Old School Sesame & to Charleston we go

I have no shame in the fact that I have turned our girl on to old school Sesame Street.  Yes, to the point now where she jumps on our bed and dances along to the opening number (while I, equally excited to re-live this memory, sing along..."come and play, everything's A-OK...." and so on.)  This is more like the kind of Sesame Street I when they would paint faces on the windows and have things that aren't like the others.
My husband and I watched the documentary "Being Elmo" the other night.  Oh my gosh was it good.  It was one of those movies that I had to pause every time I had to get up so I wouldn't miss a thing.  I had no idea Kevin Clash is from Baltimore, right around the corner from us.  So cool and his story is amazing....if you want to teach kids to follow their passion, this is a good one to watch.
On that note, we are off to Charleston tomorrow for some much needed R & excited to spend a full week together and make some memories!  And, I am really looking forward to some new inspiration.  You've probably noticed I haven't started a painting in a's not that I haven't had any ideas. 
I've actually had one image in my head involving these beautiful floor to ceiling windows from my old apartment in Italy...the doors would open out to the outside market and we would people watch for hours and talk to our neighbors across the street with those windows. I can't seem to shake this I just need to start.
Have a great weekend, everyone!

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