Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Painting Party and a little BOY on the way!

I am hunkered down with the family today, feeling the baby kick, listening to the howling wind pick up and the rain come down in buckets.  Sandy is making herself be known...we've been listening to the wind and rain since last night grow stronger and stronger....hope everyone stays safe in this storm!

We found out on Friday that we are having a baby BOY!  Such a wonderful surprise....everyone thought this little nugget would be a girl.  It was a day we will remember forever, we had Leila in the room with us when they announced she would have a baby brother....she was just staring at everything in awe.  We were smiling so hard our cheeks hurt!

SO, our house is in a state of emergency in and of itself.....switching rooms, painting furniture, waiting for furniture to be delivered......basically getting ready for baby.  Our bedroom is packed up at the moment, we are actually going to make our room the kids room, it just makes more we are painting the entire room then making the big swap into our new room (crossing fingers) hopefully this weekend. 

This armoire acts as storage in our kitchen right now, but we are moving it up to our room for more clothes storage......and of course, I'm painting it.  It would be way too dark in our bedroom....still painting and work to be done and wax to be applied, but this is what I am working on today:

first layer of chalk paint:

It will end up being gray, cream and white when done.....will post pics when complete!

AND, I've finished my first custom etsy order!  I will post pics soon......have to ship it off as soon as the storm ends and life is back to normal.

Off now to make a lasagna and hopefully we don't have to eat it all in one sitting if we loose power : /

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  1. That armoire looks simply gorgeous. I need to learn more about chalk paint. I'm currently painting our living room...getting rid of a boring, mind-numbing beige that I chose 7 years ago. Covering it with a pale and happy stone color (Maison Blanche). Ahhhh....feels like I'm painting myself out of a cave. With fresh white trim, it's going to feel like a new interior!

    We are SO excited about Baby Boy!! Your family is absolutely so precious.

    Enjoy your lasagna and stay safe in this crazy storm!!! Love and hugs, Ginny


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