Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A custom piece complete!

When I received my first custom order through my Etsy shop a few weeks ago I felt absolutely zero pressure when the buyer wanted something almost EXACTLY like a piece I had previously done for a friend of mine....(please note sarcasm):

Since each piece is hand made, one of a kind....I did my very best and explained that paint colors and distressing would not match exactly....here are the results:

16" x 24"
This is the first time I am seeing them next to each other.....what do you think?  The first one definitely has more white distressing, but I kind of love the rich colors in the second.
What I love about these pieces is they work great vertically or horizontally and are simply so different and can be made so custom...

old door hinge about to be secured

I just bought these really cool old lock interiors.  I plan on incorporating them into some similar wood pieces....I love the combination of painting on distressed wood with architectural metal pieces as pops of surprise and texture.

 Thinking about ordering something custom?  Each piece is bubble wrapped and securely packaged to protect from water while shipping:

And hardware for hanging is provided:

My thoughts and prayers have been with several friends and family members in NYC and NJ recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  We felt it here in MD so I can only imagine how hard they must have been hit and how scary it must have been at the time.

While the tail end of Hurricane Sandy loomed in the sky, Halloween was exactly as it should be this year....a little bit of scary and 100% fun:

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