Saturday, December 08, 2012

chartreuse Christmas

I know, I know...I have been MIA in terms of blog sorry for dropping off for a bit. Between working on the nursery, being sick, taking care of our little girl, dealing with an unexpected basement flood....sigh...and the latest, an allergic reaction to has been busy around here.

My husband is getting ready to start busy season and there always seems to be a calm before the January 15th storm begins. And the weekends leading up to this date are always spent enjoying our time together as he himself will literally be MIA until April 15th. Today was one of those days, went for a drive, got some coffee.....and ended up at chartreuse where we spent a long time enjoying all the eye candy. And eachother.

PS...if any of you mommas are looking for a sweet book for your little girl (or boy) this Christmas or need a gift idea: And Then in a Twinkling with illustrations by Becky Kelly is darling. My sister gave it to Leila
last year and she loves it (pic below!)

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