Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Getting back to it...

I have been in such a bubble with this pregnancy, trying to feel okay...but to be perfectly honest...it has simply been harder this time. Which is okay, I've read this is normal. But, to say I have not felt like myself would be an understatement. I miss my art, my usual self motivated, project oriented self...all of that seems unimportant right now though.

I'm putting one foot in front of the other and starting today, going to work on a few small projects just so I can start filling my creative hole back up. Thanks for riding it out with me!

More pics to come but just to give you an idea of my mental state (the first pic shows what my entire body has looked like lately after my allergic reaction to amoxicillin last week...and it itches), the current project (a xmas gift, completed pics to follow after the holidays) and what's to come (this is a new piece of furniture and the wall above is in need of some love, don't you like my lone Christmas garland?...so I have plans for a huge acrylic city painting...really looking forward to this one!!!)

Stay tuned!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Erin!!! I love that pennant/banner!! I will be buying one of those from you for next Christmas, if that's possible!! So gorgeous. You are so talented, itchy rash and all (hope that gets better soon, though.)


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