Friday, January 18, 2013

jewelry tidbits

So, a few months back I actually won something.  Unheard of.  I never win anything....and this was a pretty good one, in my opinion, since I have a slight obsession with jewelry.

I just happened to comment on a post over on Emily A. Clark's blog where she was featuring jewelry designer, Meredith A. Jackson, and offering up to $130 on one piece of jewelry for the lucky winner.  A winner was chosen at random out of the pool of 219 people who commented and "liked" Meredith A. Jackson's Facebook page.  Yes, indeedy, I was I don't know....but I did the happy dance.  Called everyone I knew and began to sweat when it came to picking something from her absolutely stunning collection.  You have to check out her website here  After much debating, I ended up with these at my doorstep:

They are so delicate looking, but really, they have a nice, solid weight to them.  You can tell they are very well made.  I just love them!

And, her jewelry just made it into the recent People Magazine....check out the photos here on her Facebook Page:  MAJ in people

And, to add to my jewelry obsession...I was so excited today when my friend Jenny surprised me with this absolutely sweet necklace with each of our little one's first initial engraved on the tiny leaves.  (Yes, we have finally decided on a name for this little guy in my tummy....however, we have yet to share it with everyone, thus the turned over leaf....)

She found this sweet piece on Etsy....visit the shop:  lizix26 to view all of her beautiful pieces.  And, if you ever want to add more to a necklace, say if you aren't done expanding your brood, the seller told her you can simply order more leaves.  But, let's not jump the gun just yet.  I just love this necklace though....a lot.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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