Thursday, January 24, 2013

one day

There's a house for sale near us with a huge barn on the property. A huge, old barn.  It sits on a few acres.  Apparently my husband said he showed me this house on a realtor's website ages ago and I said "ewww...never, ever".  But, it happens to be the same house I pass every time I go to our doctor's appointments for the baby and while I've never noticed the house, I've always noticed the barn.  And dreamt.  Maybe one day I can have a studio in a barn (heated of course) Jackson Pollock style...full of all kinds of cool jars of paint, embellishments, brushes and massive canvases.  A refuge of sorts.  I have always worked best when I am 100% alone for several hours.  I used to stay up through the night working on projects when everyone else slept.

But, realistically...I am a mom first.  And, I think one day when we may have a house, maybe what would be considered the "formal dining room" can be a fantastic studio that would be kid friendly.  Something where memories will be made and our kids will look back and think of that studio as a place magic happened.

And, maybe one day....when TJ and I are old and gray, I can wobble on out to our barn/studio with my Mackintosh rain coat and boots on, a hot cup of tea...and my imagination.

We are meeting with a realtor this Sunday to consider different options....we may be making a move in the next 6 months-year.  We'll see what happens.  Its exciting to think of what the future may hold...even if it is just to dream.  I imagine a studio as a combination of these...aren't they lovely?!:

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