Tuesday, January 01, 2013

man made mobile & our boy/girl nursery in progress (eek!)

I decided to make one!  After seeing all the lovely (and pricey) mobiles on etsy like this one:

Magical Whimsy

however, not finding quite what I wanted...I thought I should give it a try.  So, off to our backyard we went.  To collect sticks:

Using paint we already had, my girl and I made an afternoon project of painting the branches
(she loved this!)

Once painted, I made a base and tied three branches together with ribbon I had:

built the branches up using hot glue to bind and stack them...

I ordered 50 1.5" white, paper elephants through a shop on etsy for $7...and the rest of the materials I already had (vintage ribbon, twine and hot glue)


I decided the mobile was a little empty looking on top.  I couldn't figure out how I should fill the space....I decided to cut out a bird from an old music sheet and I then applied a light layer of glue on it to give it a little more "weight" to hang...



I love the shadows it casts at night...

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(and the fact that this only cost me $7)

Meanwhile...a quick peak into the "dual" nursery...as we still have lots of work to do....but, here is Leila's half of the room...it started with rust colored walls in desperate need of a toned down color:

We found her big girl bed on Craigslist for $100...it is a true, vintage brass twin...and I literally have held onto this bedding for 10 years (I sold this pattern when I had my shop) and when I closed I thought that if I ever had a girl this bedding would be so sweet...finally :)

We are in the process of building cornice boards for the windows and my mother in law is going to help me sew curtains :)...I'm actually thinking of doing a funky fabric, we will see!

My husband's mom gave me the huge mirror and I painted it white
(you can see I still need to take a razor blade to the interior edges : / ...but what a difference it makes in opening up the room)


I will share more photos as we get closer to completion....the little man's side of the room is slowly getting there, but so much to do still...

Happy New Year, everyone!

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