Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Why waste?

Since my husband and I made the decision that I would stay home to raise our daughter, we have learned to save money in ways we would never have thought, had I continued to work.  Simple things, like using every scrap of food to make a casserole just so we aren't wasteful and throwing away perfectly good food.  Or, why not cut dryer sheets in half...hey, you get twice the use out of them.  I love using coupons now, such an easy way to save. 

Its become almost like a game..how resourceful can we be this month?  And, I'm not embarrassed about it at all...in fact, I find it to be quite liberating.  It's my way of contributing in some small way to the whole green movement.  Living in one of the most expensive areas in the nation, I wish I had started this years ago.  I've learned to not take anything for granted and I feel fulfilled by much simpler things in life now.

Today I found a nifty new tool that I can clamp onto the end of my tubes of paint and squeeze every last oz. out!  I can't wait to use it...and all the paint the tube can hold.

Here, my clumpy, colorful paints are displayed.

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