Friday, September 30, 2011

Thyroid, Schmyroid.

Let me begin by saying I was a total sobbing fool earlier today and had to call my sister to be reassured that I am a "normal" mother (contrary to some) who is experiencing "normal" emotions with our daughter's first birthday fast approaching next Tuesday.  I literally was sitting in her nursery reading her a book and the next minute I had full on crocodile tears...filled with overwhelming joy and love for this sweet baby girl I at times think I don't deserve.  How did we get so lucky?  Don't get me wrong, there are days when I count the minutes until nap time...but I cringe now at the thought of the last year flashing before my eyes.  Sigh.  Our first year is almost over and I simply can't believe it....

On another note:  my body seems to be all jacked up (for lack of a better term.)  About seven years ago I found out my throat tightens up, making it hard to swallow.  Sweet!  I dropped 15 lbs. fast because I was so afraid to eat, I had almost choked a few times.  I was due for a follow up endoscopy in '08 and never bothered to have it done...and in the last 6 months or so I have almost choked about a dozen times...very graceful when you have to rush to the bathroom in a fancy restaurant in the middle of your anniversary dinner.  So, in I went for an endoscopy last week and out I came with a sore throat like no other.  They had to put an actual tear in the throat muscle to permanently open it.  One section of my throat had tightened to the size of a dime!  oy.

That's why I find it so hilarious that I have this issue eating, however why can't I drop the last 10 lbs of my pregnancy weight?  My thyroid apparently is also out of whack...the kind of out of whack which makes you gain weight, be exhausted, be depressed and one other thing which would be inappropriate to write in my blog.

So, I have 6 weeks of medicine to take and I am hoping and praying I will feel good soon.  Atleast now I have a better understanding as to why I have been so short with people, moody, probably rude and a smorgasbord of other things.  I'm really, really sorry to all who had to endure this.  I have a very patient and loving husband, thank God.

I really had just chalked it up to being a new mom.  But, that in itself is fabulous...

P.S. Leila is officially walking :):

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