Friday, December 16, 2011

and the winner is...

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this FUN drawing!  Having left my career to be a full time mom to our little girl and pursue my passion and degree in painting, certainly has had its share of challenges.  So, every ounce of support I receive is appreciated more than you know.  Life is so short and for it not to be fulfilled by what you love would be a failure I think.  So, I know that as long as I persevere and continue creating,  it will shine through and make me the happiest mommy on the planet. (not that I'm not already)...

Drum roll please..................the WINNER is:

Sorry, had to share a picture of her painting first.  Oh, AND a picture of her holding your blank canvas which will soon be full of color and life:

Ok, the WINNER is:

CONGRATULATIONS, Meghan O'Neill Witte!!!!!!!!!!!!

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