Sunday, December 18, 2011

what a wonderfully fabulous, magical evening to remember forever!

Tonight was my husband's annual company party.  You may remember, I did a blog on their plans for it here.  Although Leila has been a teething mess the last two days, we stuck to our plan to have a sitter and.......oyyyyyy, we tried not to worry, so off we went....despite our worry, oh the fun we had!

first stop....Gordon Biersch Brewery, just a few miles from the country club where the event was held.  TJ enjoyed a Winterbock beer while I had a standard Chardonnay. 
But their was a HUGE selection of beers to choose from:

After our rendezvous, we made our way to the country club.  As we entered, there were two ladies who greeted us at a table with name tags.  One of them very quickly said something about a meet and greet and to hang our coats up and follow her.  I was still taking everything in because the surroundings were beautiful but then she said something about me meeting Vanessa just by myself.  I was flabbergasted, confused and not understanding what she was saying,

Apparently she had caught wind from my husband and my blog that I am a huge Vanessa Carlton fan.....and yes, I got a one on one meeting her!!!!! What a humble, amazing talent she is...people don't give her enough credit.  Her music has touched me in so many ways, for many years now.  And I am SO glad her voice is finally being heard.  Here is a snapshot of us meeting:

Her performance was surreal.  Her voice sounds EXACTLY as it does on her cd.  I would be lying if I said her voice didn't touch me.  I found myself captivated by her performace and twice tears in my eyes.  What a beautiful, artistic, magical message she wishes to send.  And I am all the more receptive. 
Thank you, vanessa!


  1. Your comments about Vanessa are amazing!
    Very nice pictures by the way!

    which songs did she play??

  2. Thanks, manny! It was an incredible performance...she played everything from Rabbits on the Run...1000 miles and a few others. I had to put my camera down at one point and just sit back and enjoy it!

  3. Very nice I've seen her live many times ove the years from large shows early on to a small venu in Northern Virginia. She great nice to see you got to meet her


  4. Yes...Dave, it was pretty fabulous! Wish I could have asked her more questions but I was speechless!


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