Thursday, December 15, 2011

christmas bliss

So, while the last week has been crazy busy cutting, glueing, bow making, wrapping etc...I can officially say my gifts are wrapped up and shipped out!  Let the festivities begin...the coming weekend, week following and following Christmas weekend will be pure fun!  Beginning with tonight....girl's night in historic Ellicott City with my dear friend Lisa...tomorrow my dad arrives for a quick overnight visit and is sweet enough to give us the night off for dinner at The Wine Kitchen.....and Saturday night is my husband's annual company party where Vanessa Carlton will perform.  JOY!

My grandmother, "Mackie", lives in an apartment in Honolulu.  All she ever wants is photos of the grandchildren and she has little space.  Wanted to send her photos in a creative way.  This way, they are compact and she can fold them up and tie the ribbon around them and put them in her purse to show off if she likes!

in preparing for tonight's girl's night and Bapa's arrival tomorrow, I am making a hearty stew to fill the men's tummies........Merry Early Christmas everyone!

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