Saturday, December 10, 2011

shop local

You may remember, not too long ago I wrote a post on Karen's Emporium and Antiques in Churchville, VA.  On our way home from my parent's house yesterday we stopped by and saw Karen....she greeted us as any proper Southern lady would.  With a huge hello and an offering of apple cider and a tray of crackers and a delicious cheese spread.  What a sweet woman she is...and with a store to match!

I try to shop locally as much as possible.  It makes me feel so good to support the community and any local business.  You really can't beat it.  Karen's sweet 13 year old employee helped me with my bags and carrying Leila out to the car and I thanked her profusely and appreciated it more than she will know. (until she has kids of her own and knows what a precious offering that is....)

Here are some photos of her charming store.  But first, a few pics of the girl :):

Shopping at Wolf Creek Gallery in Lewisburg, WV

so proud of herself sitting in her chair!

in front of her fun tree!

got this cool old tin box...

and a sweet ornament handmade by a local artist from an old quilt

and a shoe (an old, old shoe :)

and I love it!

(and the tin too to house my beads!)

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