Monday, February 20, 2012

a fab vintage sofa, paintings in progress & a sofa for sale...

Leila and I were crazy painters yesterday...both so excited about our projects in progress.  Hers on the floor above and mine below.

this piece will be done this is on a cotton shower curtain and incorporates pattern, color texture.  There is a vintage ribbon wrapped around it and the blue "ruffles" come from a baby's swimsuit that my sister passed down to me.  Unfortunately, it had been worn one too many times to be used this summer... 

And, we have been in the middle of a mad scramble to get this vintage leather Davis sofa in its new home: our living room.  We have wanted a leather sofa to deal better with our dog hair issue and to give use more room, however we didn't want just any leather sofa.  We needed something on the smaller scale with style and good lines. 

Went to Chartreuse and again it did not disappoint. Had my eye on this and the price was a steal... (courtesy of vendor Sue at The Treasured Hunt ...Chartreuse has several "vendors" who sell.)  I texted my husband a pic of it and called him at the office but I didn't hear back.  Sigh, I had to let it go.  When he got home on Friday night he told me he thought I had bought it. YOU WHAT?!?  My heart sank and I immediately e-mailed the owner of Chartreuse asking if it was still there.  Of course had been purchased that day.

However, it was fate.  Apparently the lady who purchased it decided it didn't work in her home and had to sell it.  Score!....on that note though, we are selling this piece:

Make us an offer!  I admit it, I did paint the upholstery after seeing the steps on this blog but now that we are moving our sectional into the playroom to make room for the leather sofa, this has to go.  It is otherwise in great condition and was handed down to us from my parents.  It measures 58" wide and is 32" deep and can certainly be re-upholstered.

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  1. Woohoo! Good thing you still got that sofa! Who would not want a such a gorgeous brown leather sofa?


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