Thursday, February 16, 2012

LOVE Jill Ricci

So, I finished the LOVE painting today and gave it to my dear friend Jenny for her home.  I was excited to make something special for her but as the piece progressed I was a little hesitant because it is not like my usual work.  However, she LOVED it.

(ignore the shine....there is a thick, glossy varnish on it) incorporates the following:

2 good ole' Victoria Secret bra straps from a $50+ bra I purchased years ago and never bothered to wear because it was too fussy and frilly. (glad I could finally put it to use!)

The lace from the aforementioned bra which I spray painted and used as a pattern in the "painting" (see bottom corners)

Beads from when I was in junior high and have never parted with

Vintage trim

Puff paint

baubles from a bracelet which broke not too long ago

Gold and Silver metallic ink

The top and base from a lamp shade provided the circle shape

receipt from 1983

Art Digest clipping from the 1940's

The letter B (for her last name)

A vintage hanky

2 yo-yo circles from a YoYo quilt (popular in the 1920's-1940's)

a silk rose


I love a good edge to paintings....adds a little sauce!

I can't help but think I was a bit inspired by my new favorite artist, Jill Ricci.  Her work is amazing and I love her approach...she doesn't have a final vision in mind when she works.  Rather, she lets her pieces develop and whatever happens, happens.  I want to study her pieces one by one.  Here is a taste:


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