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Charleston Ch. 2: The restaurants on Bay...The Ansonborough Inn and what's kid friendly & what's not

(sorry in advance for the poor photos...I unfortunately took few pics when in SC...due to almost dying from a cold)

So, when we went to Charleston, SC a few weeks ago I was 11 weeks pregnant and hungry.  Can I tell you how excited I was to check out all the restaurants and eat 'til my heart's content with no guilt what-so-ever?  I literally counted down the days and did some pretty thorough research before we left on the places to hit.  Sadly, I became so sick with a terrible cold the third day into our trip that I could barely taste anything and even when I did try to eat, it was pretty uncomfortable given I couldn't breathe through my nose....a lovely image indeed, I know. 

But, a pregnant girl's gotta eat, right?  And, that we still did...

Our hotel was great....we stayed at The Ansonborough Inn.  Awesome, especially if you have kids.  It was large, with huge vaulted ceilings, kitchen, separate bedroom....this was my view a lot of the time as I would lay on the couch begging God to help me breathe again:

The Ansonborough Inn is walking distance to everything and we walked.  A lot...
Probably our very favorite place to eat was Magnolia's....AMAZING!  It was so kid friendly, we actually ate in twice and got take out another time.  They knew Leila by the end of it.  Make reservations...go for Sunday brunch and order whatever kind of fritter poppers they are offering under the appetizers...we had the peach fritters, to die for.  Great atmosphere, awesome art work, friendly staff...a must.....
(image via Magnolias)
If you need a sandwich quick, like if you are starving when you finally get to Charleston....go to the East Bay Deli....SO good, huge menu, friendly...we ate here a few times.
  Location Picture
image via

Poor picture, but Slightly North of Broad was a place we at one day after walking a few miles.  We had worked up an appetite and we waited outside until they opened their doors for lunch.  While very good, not kid friendly....sadly.  Exposed kitchen, quaint bar...very upscale.  Go here for dinner with your other half....

Believe it or not, one of our other favorite restaurants was a place I never got to husband did though and said it was really nice inside.  Several nights I couldn't leave the hotel because of being sick, so we ended up getting take out and Cru Cafe was delicious....the food was amazing!  Order the Mac and Cheese.......the Thai seafood was also really good, spicy, but good!

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The last night we were in Charleston we had an early dinner at High Cotton.  We each had their filet and it was delicious....and fast!  I couldn't believe how fast they served us.  They are only open for dinner....make reservations and order their grits!  SO good.  Leila had a meltdown during dinner so we had to rush things.  A lot...but thankfully before we left, an old friend of mine who moved to Charleston 8 years ago met us there for a quick visit....

And, while my hubby brought Leila back to the hotel, Helen took me to the Market Pavilion Hotel's rooftop restaurant/bar which overlooks Charleston. It features a pool, amazing atmosphere....etc....a great end to an interesting week, seriously:

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These were just a few places that stuck out to me....Charleston has incredible food, no doubt! 

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