Monday, October 08, 2012

Annie Sloan chalk paint, I do like you! My pioneer piece is complete...

So, I'm finished!  And, I must say...I LOVE she is before and after:


right after I finished last night

gave the hardware a metallic gold paint finish

Overall, the Annie Sloan paint was very easy to use.  One thing I found is that if you are going to apply multiple layers (I pretty much applied 2 layers) then you should sand the first layer down as much as possible before applying the 2nd.  Because it is chalk paint and so porous, the first drawer I painted, I didn't sand the first layer down enough before applying the second and the paint would just get soaked up.  I would have also used our electric sander, it just would have done a better job at smoothing things out and been easier on me.  The paint is sooo easy to sand though, it really is like butter.

What I loved most about the AS products though was the dark wax.  Everywhere, except for the blue, I applied an SC Johnson clear wax (only because it is recommended before applying the dark wax and I happened to have the SC Johnson wax already.  AS has her own clear wax she offers).  Once I applied the layer of clear wax, I buffed it out some and then applied, very lightly, the dark wax.  Almost immediately after applying it I buffed the dark wax.

Believe it or not, the blue detailing was a BRIGHT blue before I applied the dark wax.  I made the blue paint by simply mixing a concoction of the AS paint with some paint I already had until I had the right chalkiness and color.  The blue paint being so bright was not a problem because the dark wax muted it so much. 

I love how the dark wax gives the piece a nice, aged look and you are in control of how little or much you apply.  I applied more in the corners and crevices and really like how it turned out.

So, thats that.....I have a lot of projects going on at the moment.  About to get started on painting these sweet ABC nautical themed letters for a friend whose sister who is expecting.  Unfortunately, Pottery Barn no longer carries I will be making them for her:

And, after that...I am finally going to attempt my first re upholstery project (yes, I am certifiably insane).  I bought this chair many months ago when one of my favorite little stores downtown closed.  I found this fabric marked down and then 50% off on top of that at Jo-Ann's....score!

I love the caning on this chair and especially the back.  I'm thinking a fresh coat of white paint and this fabric will make it new again....crossing my fingers :)

What are you up to on this Monday morning?  It's a dreary Fall day and we are snuggled up inside....listening to some old school Sarah McLachlan, Leila has all her paint supplies out, sipping on a hot cup of coffee and eating Thomas's Pumpkin Spice bagels with cream cheese (have you tried these, delish!!!)

Have a great week, everyone!

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